Thursday, February 3, 2011

Advice to you if you've been bullied, and uplifting verses to help comfort you..

hey guys, it's Anya, These are questions I have asked myself and others many times when I went through my hardships. And so i'm using these questions to give you advice, and verses to help you. Enjoy.

"When I've been bullied, Where do I turn?"

If you've ever been bullied physically or emotionally I want you to know everything will be okay, Jesus is here. it's okay to turn to him.  Don't give up, I've been on both ends, and found Jesus, I also want you to know it's okay to cry. You're probably wondering "how does Jesus understand what i'm going through when no one else does?" That's how mighty he is, he is your father and my father, nothing is ever to big, too small too hard or too easy for him to understand, he knows. and that's what is so cool, he knows. he understands, and when you're feeling alone, You're not. Jesus is with you, and this I can promise. 

- "When I am afraid, I trust in you. in God whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?" Psalm: 56: 3-4

"Where was Jesus  when I needed him?"
Jesus was and has been with you the WHOLE time! How cool is that?! Not only is it's true. It's hard to believe and hard to understand, especially with billions of other people in the world, I know, but he is the creator and the maker, how could he forget any of us? That's the neat thing about Jesus, he was with you in the beginning, he'll be with you in the end, but more importantly he'll be with you forever. Jesus will never forsake you or leave you. 

- "I love those who love me, and those who seek to find me" Proverbs: 8:17

"Ya know, I've never really understood life, I've always seen it as more of a "you live you die" thing. But as i'm getting older and experiencing more things, i have realized theres more to life, and with life there's lessons, and with lessons comes responsibilty. If you take life one day at a time instead of looking at the big picture you'll learn and experience more, It just takes the courage and motivation to keep moving forward in the Lord" -Me

Always remember..JESUS LOVES YOU!

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