Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jesus Loves you, Today and Always.

Hey guys, my name is Anya Clutter and I'm 16 years old, I was inspired to write about my story, and share it with other kids, i want to be a motivational speaker and i thought I would create a blog to give you..Advice-Words of the Lord--And I will always be here to answer any questions you can email me at Anyways, Here is the story of  how I found the Lord..

My story:
It was 7th grade year and I was extremely depressed, I never knew why I was, and I still don't. I didn't believe in Jesus at all..I didn't believe anything about him. I hated my life and everything that went with it, I outcasted myself and people bullied me alot. I would walk through the hallways and get called "pimple face, ugly, disgusting" anything that was hurtful and mean i was called it, it was horrible. As days went by it felt like nothing was getting better, it felt like the days were only getting darker, I didn't do any of my work I'd usually sit in class with my hood up, head on the desk, thinking. but not just thinking about anything I was thinking about suicide. i'd come home everyday go up in my room and cry, and i'd cry for hours. I would sit and wonder who "who would care if i died? No one!" i wrote suicide letters and i never really cared about anything, I just felt like I wanted to die. One day while I was sitting in my world history class, the Special education teacher came to the room and called my name, with my head down, and my hood up I walked past all the kids staring at me through the hallway, I knew where I was going. I was going to get tested for ADHD, I sat in a room for 4 hours with a psychologist who had me do English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I kept quiet and did what i was supposed to do. When I finally got done, it was lunch time, and again I sat by myself, the worst part was, I knew no one cared. That next day I started classes in special education, I was diagnosed with ADHD, who would have guessed the most depressed and quiet girl  would have ADHD, No one. Not only was I made fun of for my pimples and depression, I was made fun of for my ADHD and being in Special Education. Everything was getting worse for me, and no one knew how bad they were hurting me, one day at lunch I finally made up my mind I decided when I got home I was going to commit suicide I was sick of everything, That same day something amazing happened, The pastor from across the street invited me to confirmation, not knowing i didn't believe in God. But, I went anyway. I kind of liked it and that next week I went again, then I started going on Sundays, Jesus was working through me, I found him and all it took was 4 weeks of church and an encouraging Pastor, who changed my life. A week later my mom got me on depression medicine and I made some friends, I started smiling, and I didn't sit alone at lunch anymore. In 8th grade I became very social, I got confirmed and baptized in the Lutheran church that saved my life,  during my 9th year I got my youth group involved and started a program there to help orphans in Kenya be put into families, in 10th grade (now) I moved to Lincoln Nebraska, where I found an amazing church I decided I still wanted to make a difference so I decided to become a motivational speaker, and this is what this blog is for right now. Jesus worked through my life in an extraordinary way, and he'll work through yours too.

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